Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV)

Created in 1944, Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) is a non-profit organisation that aims to stimulate national development. Tradition, allied to effectiveness and efficiency, is the hallmark of this institution, which has an extensive record of services rendered to the technical-scientific-business community and society. 

In 2021 FGV was considered the 3rd best Think Tank in the world by the University of Pennsylvania’s Global Go Think Tank Index, being ranked 4th in the area of social policies and 10th in impact on public policies, among other distinctions. 

FGV boasts academic Schools of economics, business, law, mathematics, and social sciences, located in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, offering undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, all recognised as among the best schools in the country. FGV also has an executive education department, which is present in more than a hundred cities in Brazil. 

In addition, it’s relevant to highlight the existence of: FGV Projects and its technical advisory unit; the Brazilian Institute of Economics, responsible for indexes, indicators, and economic analyses; and more than sixty Corporate Study Centres, which are linked to the Schools developing research on specific topics, covering sustainability, agribusiness, energy, transportation, regulation, finance, health, education, and security, among many others. 

FGV has more than 200 partnerships educational and research institutions in 35 countries, having concluded in 2020 more than 320 research projects and around 550 technical assistance projects, in addition to approximately 3,700 intellectual outputs of the institution’s professors and researchers.  

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