Bruno Ribeiro: PhD in Ecology and Evolution from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). He has a keen interest in issues related to biodiversity conservation, especially species extinction risk assessment, climate change and biological invasions. He acts as a consultant specialising in systematic planning for conservation and/or restoration of biodiversity various federal agencies (MMA and ICMBio) and non-governmental organisations (FBDS, WWF and IUCN).

Fernando Resende: PhD in Ecology and Evolution from UFG (2018), Master in Ecology (2010) and Bachelor in Biological Sciences from UFMG (2013). He completed post-doctoral studies at the INCT in Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity Conservation/UFG and UFMG. He has experience in the following topics: biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services modelling; effects of land-use change; efficiency of environmental policies and systematic planning for conservation.

Geiziane Tessarolo: Biologist, State University of Goiás. She has master’s and PhD degrees in Ecology and Evolution from UFG. She has extensive experience in data analysis and programming in the R language.

Kaline de Mello: Biologist, PhD in Agricultural Engineering from ESALQ-USP and University of Massachusetts, post-doctorate from IB-USP and University of Queensland, experience in ecological and hydrological modelling, landscape ecology, geoprocessing, land use and land cover dynamics, spatial modelling of environmental public policies and Forest Code.

Karlo Guidoni Martins: PhD candidate in Ecology & Evolution at the Federal University of Goiás and Master in Tropical Biodiversity at the Federal University of Espírito Santo. He has extensive experience in automation and reproducibility of structured and spatial data analysis, and in programming R language and shell script.

Natalia Guerin: Biologist and Sciences PhD. Her experience is focused on the dynamics of ecosystems in restoration, and the improvement of techniques and species selection for restoration economic use of tropical forests. She has worked in the third sector, is an environmental consultant and lecturer in upgrading programs of CETESB, the MBA in Restoration, Licensing and Environmental Adequacy of UFSCAR and the professional Master in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development of IPÊ. She is a board member of the Brazilian Society of Ecological Restoration (management 2018-2021).

Paulo André Tavares: Biologist from the Federal University of São Carlos, Campus Sorocaba and PhD from the Department of Soil and Plant Nutrition at the Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (ESALQ). He works on research and consulting projects focused on land use, developing strategic and spatial intelligence tools for decision-making at the interface between agriculture and the environment. He has experience in the areas of Geoprocessing, environmental conservation, land use analysis and environmental public policies.